5 Places to get Takeaway in Adelaide

Hello fellow Earthlings,

Today I wanted to share five amazing places where you can get fantastic takeaway meals around Adelaide.

Things are getting serious at this point; businesses are shutting, and we all need to practice social distancing. All restaurants and cafes in Australia are only allowed to serve takeaway food for the foreseeable future, and many have chosen to close until further notice. To do my part to help these businesses, I have decided I will make a couple of these types of posts to share excellent local Adelaide food hotspots and would love for you to share your favourite places that are still open in the comments. The reason I am doing multiple short posts instead of one massive one is that things are changing at such a rapid pace that I want to keep the information as accurate as possible.

I adore Mexican food, and Zapatas is one of my favourite places in Adelaide. They have a fantastic takeaway menu, so they are a great option for dinner.

Karma and Crow
I'm sure everyone in Adelaide has heard of this beautiful place, but I had to give them a shout out. I went there on my birthday for their delicious gnocchi (which unfortunately is not available for takeaway). They have so many great items on their menu, and I can highly recommend the chicken burger.

Pickle in the Middle
I only have good things to say about this cute little cafe. I wrote a review of it previously, which you can read here ( https://www.weekendnotes.com/pickle-in-the-middle-unley/ ).

Amigo's has become a firm favourite dinner option for me recently. I'm a big fan of their wraps, curly fries and student boxes. They aren't the healthiest option, but they are fantastic when you're too hungry to cook.

Joe Dumpling
This is without a doubt, my favourite place to eat at Plant 4 Bowden. You can read my review of it here ( https://live.weekendnotes.com/preview-review/176744/?ap=WzyDan2aFv&wuid=927430 ). Even just thinking about their vegan dumplings makes me salivate, so do yourself a favour and check them out.

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