Is The Just My Luck Palette Any Good?

I was so excited when Colourpop released the Just My Luck palette. I've been a massive fan of green eyeshadow for years, and this was the first fully green palette I'd seen from a brand I knew. It didn't take me long to order it and use it for a seven-day challenge (this is where I create seven looks using one palette over on my Instagram @libsmua).

It was undoubtedly an exciting experience trying to create seven unique looks, and I did struggle a bit towards the end, but it ended up being a surprisingly versatile palette. The shimmer shades in this palette are particularly brilliant. 50-50 and Big Banks are so pigmented on the eyes and created some romantic and sultry looks. I wouldn't recommend using Mary Jane on the lid, and it's a very chunky shadow, however, it is one of the more unique and brightening inner corner highlights I have ever used. Olive U might be my favourite shadow, and it's a colour I don't own in my collection and helps to change the look of some of the green shades. The lighter green mattes were also excellent to work with, however, the deeper shades did give me a few problems. Mo Bamba and Charmed did not like the idea of blending very much, and neither of them works on the lid as they can be a bit patchy. Both shades can look very beautiful if you have the time and patience to work with them, but they were a let down for me.

Overall I did enjoy the Just my Luck palette, and it's worth picking up if you're attracted to the shimmer shades. If you'd like to see the seven looks I created with this palette, you can head over to my Instagram (@libsmua) to check them out (I posted them a few weeks ago so you'll have to do a little scrolling).

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