Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette Review

I knew things were going to change when I decided to create a new blog. I wanted to have one site where I could put all of my writing together instead of trying to maintain multiple different blogs and not being able to focus on any of them for very long. Something I didn't realise was that I would go so long without writing about my passion, makeup.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you really should, I'm @libsmua) then you might be aware that I've recently started a fun little makeup challenge. Within this challenge, I create seven different makeup looks using one palette and let my followers pick which palette I do next. So far it has been going well, and I have just completed my first round using the Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette. Don't worry; I've included a little sneak peek of my follower's favourite looks.

Neutral eyes using the Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette

I felt like now was a good time to get back to my roots and add a touch of beauty to this new blog and to talk about how much I have fallen in love with this particular palette.

First off, Juvia's Place is an entirely cruelty-free brand (yay), and you can purchase their products from their website and a few products from Beauty Bay. Their products are at a midrange price point, but I would say they are a more budget-friendly brand when their items are on sale (which happens quite often).

I own four Juvia's Place palettes, and it has taken me a little while to become a fan of this one. It's not that I ever disliked this palette, it's just that I found it a little overwhelming and perhaps a touch over-hyped. This palette is mostly broken down into two sections, vivid brights at the top, and neutrals at the bottom. I was always into bright colours but found the selection of neutrals to be a touch disappointing (mainly because a few shades are a little too similar for my tastes). Doing this challenge meant I ended up using every shade in the palette.

Blue and Green Halo Eye

The quality of Juvia's Place eyeshadows is incredible. The shimmers are super vibrant when dry and have little to no fallout. The mattes within this palette blend well and aren't patchy. There are two matte shades with glitter (Bori & Cairo) in this palette; they both work in the crease if you don't mind a few specs of glitter (Bori is a little less glittery)

There are some unique shades in the Masquerade palette that make this product stand out. The purple toned shadows are so pigmented and unusual, particularly the matte shade (I don't own anything else like it), and it brings all my purple looks together.

The Masquerade Palette from Juvia's Place would be a great palette for anyone who is just starting to get into bright eyeshadow. This palette's quality is fantastic; the shadows blend easily and don't require a lot of work to build up.

Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette

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