Rodarte Spring 2020

Fashion month has officially begun. It's that fun time of year where everyone interested in fashion is attempting to stay on top of things. When the reality is that there are far too many collections to take in all at once. This season I have decided to talk about the occasional individual show that is inspiring me, instead of trying to showcase each week. I feel like this is the best way to handle things when Uni is also a thing.

Let's start with Rodarte, who has delivered a magical trip of a lookbook. The overall collection looks like young people dressing up for a cocktail party while trying to look a bit like their sophisticated parents when they were young (in the best possible way). The whole lookbook feels very dreamlike, and the clothes have a vintage 80s feel to them. I can imagine these models sipping on champagne and dancing to indie music. It's lovely and sophisticated while still appealing to a younger consumer.

Part of the joy of this particular lookbook is its use of recognisable faces which adds an extra element of excitement. The clothes work perfectly with the background and the hair an makeup match the dreamlike aesthetic.

All photos are by Daria Kobayashi Ritch, courtesy of Rodarte.

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