Top 9 Moments from Game of Thrones, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

I loved this episode of Game of Thrones. I'm enjoying this slow burn of a build up until the battle at Winterfell. This last episode worked exceptionally well to deliver a lot of emotional payoffs and to get the audience reinvested in a multitude of characters. I'm a little surprised that there still haven't been any notable character deaths, but I'm sure that will be coming like a sledgehammer to the gut next week. Episode two did a fantastic job at slowly building up the tension and making me terrified for my favourite characters (if Podrick dies I will genuinely cry)

As much as I would like to breakdown every single second of this episode, I have an assignment due tomorrow, and I need to exercise at least a small amount of self-control. So I will be following the trend I started for myself last week and will be sharing my favourite moments from this episode (definitely check out my post from last week if you haven't already)

Also, can I mention that watching the trailer for next week and hearing "The Knight King is coming" made me snort out my coffee?

1) Brienne defending Jaime

I wish I could put into words how much I utterly adore Brienne and Jaime. I'm so glad that it's Brienne's words that convince everyone to trust him and that she's ballsy enough to make her statement in his defence.

2) Gendry being scared/impressed by Arya

Gendry hasn't seen Arya in years, so it was awesome to see him impressed and a little bit scared by her now that she has grown up. He always knew she'd grow up to be powerful, but I doubt he could have imaged this.

3) Tormund cockblocking Jon and Ed's reunion

Tormund did a fair amount of cockblocking this episode. His more enjoyable time was when Jon was on his way to greet Ed and Tormund jumped on him instead. Their friendship is charming.

4) Arya and Gendry

We all knew I would have them on my list again. I've been waiting for Arya and Gendry to get together for actual years and was a touch surprised to see how quickly everything between them occurred. I'm hoping Gendry will survive the battle next episode so that the two of them can develop their relationship and I can continue to see Gendry's impressed face.

5) Drinking around the fire

I was not prepared for how much I loved these scenes around the fire. People who had once been enemies managed to sit together and bond before the battle, and it was incredible. You've got to appreciate the fact that none of the characters knew how to react to Tormund's story and looked like that was making them ready for death to come. I usually dislike when characters start singing, but it was Podrick, so I'm cool.

6) Daenerys and Sansa

This scene made me feel all of the emotions. Daenerys managed to bond with Sansa right up until Sansa brought up the date of the North. I wish she would have waited until after the battle to start discussing the future, as half the characters could die next episode, so there is already enough tension without adding to it. I did enjoy watching them bond though and hope everyone gets to see Daenerys softer side soon.

7) Jaime knighting Brienne

I'm not crying; you're crying. I think most of us saw this coming at some point, but that didn't make the payoff any less emotional.

8) Lyanna wanting to fight

I'm always happy whenever there is a scene involving the little bear. I would not be mad if Game of Thrones ends with Lyanna sitting on the Iron Throne (that won't happen, but I wouldn't be mad at it)

9) Sam giving Jorah his family sword

I'm glad these two characters were able to have a moment together after the awkwardness of the previous episode. Jorah gets to go to battle with a family sword (even if it's not his family) and Sam will hopefully be safe.

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